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"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." ~ Albert Einstein



Portrait of Amanda Luby

Amanda has 25+ years of litigation and transactional experience.  For over six years, she has served as General Counsel to a national corporation that manages state-regulated captive insurers which provide tailored insurance programs for businesses in all segments of industry.  Prior to that, she was a partner at Shutts & Bowen, LLP, one of Florida’s largest and oldest firms.  Practicing extensively in construction law and commercial litigation, she also founded and chaired the state’s largest and first fully-resourced Equine Law Practice Group, helped negotiate exclusive fine art contracts for various notable Floridians, and published an environmental law newsletter for the construction and agricultural industries.  Prior to her time at Shutts, Amanda also spent several years working for GrayRobinson, P.A. as an associate, working on construction litigation and lien preservation/enforcement matters, consumer protection cases, mergers & acquisitions, and drafting legislation.

Why Mediation?


Conflict and litigation reflect a breakdown in communications, chaos, and disorder.  Whether you and/or your company have been wronged or accused of wrongdoing, regaining order and restoring peace have real economic value for all parties in a dispute.  Mediation enables parties to a dispute to reclaim control because no one can predict what will happen at trial. Mediation is all about self-determination. A skilled mediator helps guide the parties toward resolution on their terms.  When you start thinking differently about what settlement means – no more disruption, sleepless nights, stress, and the financial burden of paying attorneys – you start valuing that peace of mind differently. 

Suing or defending on principle is necessary sometimes, but parties can also be empowered by moving beyond the conflict. Amanda Luby, as a mediator, facilitates the parties in helping them find the economic value in a settlement that is unique to their situation.  Through a series of collective and private caucuses and conversations, she helps the parties identify for themselves the best path forward. With extensive experience as both a plaintiff’s lawyer and defense counsel, and years working with insurers on coverage matters and as a company’s chief legal officer, Amanda brings a diverse background of resolving a spectrum of commercial disputes and claims pre-suit and during litigation. She would welcome the opportunity to assist you in your matter. 

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