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Bookings close four (4) business-days before a scheduled appointment. Mediations are scheduled in 4-hour increments. Mediations are to be conducted at a location chosen by the parties. Should the parties choose a location more than a 20-mile drive from Longwood, Florida, they agree to share any travel expenses Amanda incurs, which will be at the federal standard mileage rate and/or include a hotel stay.  Alternatively, the parties may wish to conduct their mediation by Zoom, which Amanda can coordinate and initiate with the parties’ written consent. For all mediations, there will be a minimum charge of two hours.  If a scheduled mediation is cancelled within seven (7) days of its start date, the parties will be charged a minimum of two (2) hours. For all other terms and conditions, please see Luby Mediation’s Engagement Letter.

Mediation Services Hourly Rate: $450/hour (minimum 4 hours)

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